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Dateline NBC – Credit Card Debt Trap Part 2 of 10

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Dateline NBC – Credit Card Debt Trap Part 2 of 10
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25 Responses to “Dateline NBC – Credit Card Debt Trap Part 2 of 10”

  1. You know a Jew wrote that fine print when a Harvard Law Professor can’t understand it. lol

  2. The last question was what gives you the right to treaten me ??
    You have more than 100.000 of THERE money
    People dont undestand that it is the money of the ban

  3. funny how lil wayne is on the suggestion videos lol

  4. These examples got there due to medical bills.. would you tell someone to just up and die.. Ever seen The lead character in “A Christmas carol”?

  5. Applying for an additional loan, like home equity loans, to repay your remaining credit balance is truly a bad idea.

  6. typical American love to blame others instead of themselves.

  7. I love how the ABA attorney makes banking sound so scientific, and that high interest rates are logical because credit card debt is so risky. Is that why my dog Major gets pre-approved credit card offers?

  8. Let me get this straight; banks are the “bad guys” for loaning money/credit?
    The housing collapse was created by millions of idiots who bought houses they couldn’t possibly afford. The current debt situation is largely founded on people who buy big screen TVs and smartphones and new cars that will take them years (sometimes decades) to pay.
    Umm, maybe people should stop fucking spending more than they can fucking afford?
    I don’t like unscrupulous debt collectors, but who’s the REAL problem?

  9. These toys may have been given to him as gifts by relatives and family friends. Just because a kid has a lot of toys and stuff in the room doesn’t mean the parents bought them to “keep up”

  10. Unsecured is they key word. File for BK

  11. I mean, I always read fine print and I can always understand it if I use my brain. And I have no experience or education in finance or accounting or law or anything else.

  12. Then don’t sign it. Would you sign a credit application written in a foreign language? I mean, the applications are in English, right? Impossible to understand? You don’t know an accountant you can get to look at it?  You don’t have a friend or family member who knows about fine print jargon to look at it and let you know if there’s some kind of trick or trap or whatever?

  13. Simple solution= don’t have the money for something, don’t buy it. This is why I will never sign up for a credit card. My debit card will do me just fine because its money that I actually have. I’m not saying that everyone with a credit card is irresponsible but if a person is a materialistic and always has to keep up with their neighbors than they should not have a credit card. If you want something that’s a bit pricy then just SAVE UP FOR IT. Then you’ll have it payed for with no interest.

  14. Not all that easy when you look at the fine print. They make it so wordy and strange that it’s almost impossible to understand. You might say don’t get a credit card but then people get reluctant to rent to you or loan to you because of your zero “credit history”. It’s a catch 22

  15. Sure, they played a part. But to say they caused the mess with less regulation would be absurd. We all know who looooooooves less regulation…

  16. Credit = Slavery

  17. Too many people choose the wrong kind of credit card debt help. They deceive themselves into believing they can manage a debt management payment plan, or they can afford to begin a lump sum debt settlement savings plan (where they skip their monthly payments to bank that money with a debt settlement firm to one day offer a final lump sum settlement amount).

  18. This whole issue exists because consumers are too retarded to read fine print. If people didn’t haphazardly consume, companies wouldn’t haphazardly sell. Supply and Demand. When you have the demand of idiots, you have an industry of suppliers geared towards idiots.

  19. 1:36 – Oh, wait… that wasn’t a DEMOCRAT who started all this shit, was it?

  20. you use credit cards when you need extra money? what kind of retarded logic is that? You LOSE money every single time you use a credit card.

  21. I wish you would explain that to my siblings! Yet they make fun of me for saving.

  22. Credit cards as we know them are really a relatively new idea. It’s so easy to just slide the card whenever we need a little extra money. Things have to change

  23. You don’t need food i did it go without food for 1 week or 2 it might be hard enough i did it. How i did it farming at your backyard grow it.

  24. did you see how much toys and stuff that kid has in his room. Are you telling me that the credit card compnaies forced them to buy al lthat stuff… people who try to keep up with the jonses are the first ones to fall flat on thier faces when relaity smacks them in the face.

  25. The person who invented this concept of credit cards is very very intelligent.