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Debt Collector Gets SWEET Payback!

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23 Responses to “Debt Collector Gets SWEET Payback!”

  1. I would have hunted this fucker down and got him before he got me. Nice house and cars by the way for a loser who scammed the system and filed bankruptcy. I hope he spends time in jail.

  2. It doesn’t fall under either one of those when it’s TRUE.

  3. hope that useless fuck is in jail now and had some tight one on one sessions with ‘Bubba’ . . .

  4. That guy “Mickey” obviously has some serious anger management issues.

  5. Mickey. When I see you, I will fuck you up you bitch ass nigger.

  6. Nope..it’s not illegal…what Mickey did was ILLEGAL….not just a “mistake”…and it’s not only the new’s right “1st amendment…freedom of the press” it’s total legal to warn them of potential dangerous people…then he runs and hides from the press when he gets caught…but has the balls to call out and leave nasty message about being a man to pay your debt’s? When he has filed BANKRUPTCY!….Mickey is a fucking coward ass punk bitch…hope that cleared it up…no disrespect intended…

  7. lol talking shit about someone who owes 300$ when he himself owes 717 THOUSAND DOLLARS? fucking dumb cunt

  8. Mickey is a nigger. They don’t know how to run a business

  9. pay your bill bitch before Mickey get you

  10. u idiot.. he has debt himself.. infact he has an even bigger debt of 700 thousand and something dollars..and hes threating over 300 dollars..

    now if 300 is worth a threat in his eyes then what he owes is worth death in my eyes.

  11. It’s clear that Mickey made a mistake, but wouldn’t it be illegal to play the tapes for his potential customers to see?
    I would think that kind of action would fall under libel or slander or some similar category.

  12. And you are a whole ass

  13. You are an asshole.

  14. Im with Mickey, Pay your fucking bills bitches

  15. Figures “Micky” is a Steelers fan.

  16. I PRAY for the day some asshole like this shows up to my house.

  17. thefallofmaxpayne Reply January 7, 2013 at 8:28 am

    It is illegal for ANYONE to threaten bodily harm to anyone, as it is called assault and battery.

  18. That’s not 100% correct.

  19. Wrong. Not paying a bill is not a crime and you can be arrested for bad checks.

  20. perfect excuse to blast a niqqa

  21. ahhh with this as me!! i would have shot him literally shot him !! he’s already made threats to me and my family ? what judge would arrest me ?

  22. libertyordeathus – stop spamming here with your redundant, hate-filled rants. You don’t have to post a reply to every single person here. We get it, OK dude, you hate poor people. You idolize bullies, like this debt collector who terrorizes families for bouncing a check. A debt collector, who was fired as a police officer for excessive force, and then went into bankruptcy HIMSELF for unpaid debts in the 100,000 range, and now threatens people who bounce 300 dollar checks. Wow, what a hero.

  23. dont you just wish you could threaten back with lethal force to someone who speaks to you and about your family. a just world would see him beaten for these threats .