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How to Get Rid of UK Debt Collectors & Bailiffs: 3 Simple Steps

How to Get Rid of UK Debt Collectors & Bailiffs: 3 Simple Steps

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Download our free legal letter which will stop bailiffs from pestering you. crimebodge.com No sign ups, no strings, just spread the word. A solicitor would charge you £300 to draft this letter, it will cost you no more than an A4 print-out, a stamp and an envelope.
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22 Responses to “How to Get Rid of UK Debt Collectors & Bailiffs: 3 Simple Steps”

  1. Got to be honest, i did laugh.

  2. it pays really well, I did it for a few years

  3. Was it John Harris??? He is legend – not everything I guess is ok with jordan maxwell but I believe everyone had birth certificate bond

  4. brilliant their arseholes

  5. ‘pay your bills’ is over simplifying the problem. if it was that easy we wouldnt be in the age of austerity. we would all print our own money like central banks and governments wouldnt be bankrupt.

    its all monopoly money anyway… not worth the paper its not printed on.

    what kind of human chooses ‘debt collector’ as a satisfying career path.

  6. Nice one! precise and to the point. No wasted words, no insults but the subliminal message is; G.F.O.

  7. best way of getting rid of debt collectors…. paying your bloody bills, scumbags. bet your loving sucking up the benefits too eh?

  8. Great video… Thanks for making it and uploading it. You want to market those door signs that inform bozos that they will be video taped. I enjoyed watching that. Cheers!

  9. Correct, and well said.

  10. “We’re not gonna get anywhere today are we?” “Well you’re not but I am because I’m gonna shut the door in your face!” LOL

  11. The site is not loading for me

  12. spot lol

  13. I’m all for citizens using the law to defending themselves but you need to be careful where you get info from when dealing with legal matters. There are a lot of delusional cranks on the internet that have got no idea how the law is enforced or how the court system operates. Jordan Maxwell believes that there are aliens roaming the planet that appear out of wardrobes and the other guy you mentioned isnt much better. see ‘consumer action group’ or ‘all about debt forum’ for realistic advice

  14. lol…..well done guys

  15. yes, thats true for traffic fines because to charge you with a crime you have to be physically there and read your rights, if no rights were read you are technically not correctly arrested. I heard of ppl getting off of fixed penalties this way

  16. Fuck off with that shit. If you can’t find a proper job then you can fuck off doing this. I’d rather work in mcdonalds and sleep on the fucking street than do this

  17. there just people doing there jobs, you cunt

  18. What you mean unlike a balliff who would happily take someones property even at christmas these people are filth

  19. Do gooder

  20. because these lowlifes don’t pay their debts. They like to borrow money but not pay it back. They will generally try legitimize their decision to not repay the loan but basically they have no or little morals.

  21. think about this, has the collector already paid your dept off? yes, they have brought the dept off the company you have a argument with{they let you know, they have sold your dept on} so the collectors have paid the dept for you as you have no contract with them{it is ilegal to give your private info out data protection act 1998}have you ever given them your authorisation{that is what you are saying, meaning NO CONTRACT} so sue them instead for breaking the law..

  22. Pay your bills then the big bad baillif wont knock simples ,