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TonyaTko: 5 Ways to Improve your Credit Pt. 1

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Click “Subscribe” to get the Latest I used to have bad credit, and these are 5 simple things you can do to improve yours. Feel free to repost this and pass it on to as many people as you wish. While watching the video click on “share” right below.. and share it with all of the people on your friends list… or email the link to any and everyone you know… You never know who you might save from getting bad credit, or who may need help getting out! www.youtube.com www.youtube.com I want everyone to begin the journey into having excellent credit, and this is the first part of a 3 part series. TonyaTko

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You can remove chargeoffs, bankruptcies, foreclosures, even lates. This video shows you how to do it quickly and easily
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42 Responses to “TonyaTko: 5 Ways to Improve your Credit Pt. 1”

  1. Thanks Tonya, this was so helpful. I’m just waiting on others like this one because girl i mess my credit up too. Only have a few credit cards which pulled me down like crabs in a bucket lol. Looking forward to working out this credit TKO

  2. This video is helpful I would also like to watch part two and three ^_^

  3. Tonya I think this video is awesome! I am getting ready to watch your next one and I can’t wait. Your information has been so helpful. I just got a cell phone on credit and about to get a scured credit card and I am so looking forward to improving my credit even more.

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  5. Hi Tonya, I saw both vids for part one and would love to see the others. Subscribing to you has been very helpful. I love how your explanations of everything were simple and common sense. Please hook me up w/ parts two and three. Thanks!!!!!!!

  6. hi tony a i would love to see part 2 and 3. This has really helped me out so far in a strategy to get my credit back up. thanks

  7. Hello Tonya!, I would love to see parts 2 and 3! This is really helpful. I have poor credit and I can’t believe how liberated I feel now that I listened to you!! Hope to see 2 and 3 soon thanks!!

  8. This is just what I need! You are an angel. Please if it’s not to late can I have parts 2 and 3 I am a subscriber thx

  9. Girl you look like a baby in this vid! Slim trim gyal… lol great vid!

  10. You can try Bank of America, Household Bank or Capital One. Capital One will probably give you a card without needing to secure it. They all have fees of about $59, but that’s expected.

    Like Tonya said, use the card each month. Here’s a secret - NEVER SPEND MORE THAN 30% while you’re trying to rebuild because it would look like you can’t afford it.

  11. Great advice Tonya, thank u!!

  12. Do you still have that private video? If so, would you so kind as to send it to me? lol, if you don’t then I can understand why lol… 2007 XD ANYWAY, thank you either way ;P

  13. Hey tonya.. What Company did you go thro to get your secured credit card?


  14. super cool .please send me part 2 im a subscriber. and do a video on your sexy feet lol

  15. Great advice, you are right about extra addresses on your credit report I’m having the same problem. Thank you

  16. great…

  17. Thank you!!!! I can’t wait for more videos!

  18. Yes… I just need some more time.


  19. Are you gonna continue this series?

  20. Ive missed payments with Dell and have to pay for the same computer for a long while. I really wanted to eliminate this debt altogether.

  21. good ass video this should be played in business classes for highschool seniors.

  22. Wow! You are a blessing.

  23. I love you and your videos.

  24. I did all this in one month, so I know my score’s going to take a plunge. I’m not so worried about my score as much as I am worried about how I’m going pay all this off within the next year before my 0% APR period ends.


  25. Ok, so maybe not destroyed, but my credit report is coming in soon and I’m guessing it’s probably down to the 650-700 range.

    I took advantage of all the 0%APR offers I got in the mail, maxed out one of them, opened up a credit account with Dell to order a new computer, which is maxed as well, and just recently went crazy with holiday shopping on my Target VISA – and we all know Target’s APR is NOT low.

  26. I worked my butt off keeping my auto and mortgage payments on time for 2 years and now this cc company reported me to the credit bureau and wound up racking up more fees than I owed to start with. It was because I got ill and was hospitalized for several weeks and even though I purchased the insurance from them that’s suppose to protect me from that, they still reported me and destroyed all my hard work. It’s only about $500+ but I don’t trust them to agree to your idea. It’s not fair!!

  27. I hear what your saying but my question is what to do if you settle with a creditor, ask them not to respond to the credit bureau inquiry which they agreed to as part of your agreement in the settlement. But then, they do respond to the inquiry and only told you that to get you to pay them. Because collectors are so honest and trustworthy…that is something I would want to get in writing but a great idea if it works. I’m having an issue with my cc company for reporting me in error. Ideas?

  28. They don’t have to. There’s no trouble asking. If they have violations against them, that can be used to get it removed.

  29. Good idea but what incentive does a creditor have to actually remove Derogs or to not answer to an investigation? None.

  30. YourFinancesSimple Reply December 30, 2012 at 3:19 am

    I think you should give a bit more detail of what goes into the letters. Do you have any videos covering that?

  31. This is a great video. Keep up the excellent work.

  32. I’ve done that before, sent a hand-written letter. It’ worked with a few collections I had..

  33. So did it work?

  34. good info

  35. Could you give us a better example of what exactly to say in the letters? For example I would like to have an account that has been charged off removed, what should I say?

    Also, do we do this for each item to each bureau?

    Thanks for your tips, I look forward to putting them to use. I’ll let you know how it works!!

  36. Fair Credit Reporting Act requires them to reply in 30 days or it has to be deleted?

  37. I know this process works because I removed tons of stuff off of my credit report by disputing items on the credit site. You can get a free credit report once a year on the annualcreditreport site. I did not know the process worked better if a written letter was sent instead of the online dispute! Thanks for the info!

  38. i willing to try this method, will get back to you soon to let you know if it works or not!!!

  39. Do you have the collection agency or the original creditor sign these letters?

  40. man i was wondering if i should settle with creditors you gave me the percfect tool too pay and fix my credit thanks

  41. cognitivefun, This video rocks.

  42. cognitivefun, keep these coming into youtube.