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A Lousy Ten Grand

USA (2004) Ted Beckerwith, a middle-class suburban father of two-and a toilet designer for NASA – is in trouble. His credit cards are maxed out and his family needs braces, computer and shopping dollars. In his desperation Ted agrees to assume another identity and marry a “Suderian” Princess for her green card, but his new bride quickly turns his world upside down making it impossible to keep his two worlds seperate, or straight. When the Princess is arrested Ted faces an ultimate choice, to save himself, or her from deportation.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Here a song that I like from the Movie called Back to the future and it a good movie and maybe I’ll watch it some times HERE IS THE LYRICS The power of love is a curious thing make a one man weep, make another man sing Change a hawk to a little white dove more than a feeling, that’s the power of love Tougher than diamonds, rich like cream Stronger and harder than a bad girl’s dream make a bad one good make a wrong one right power of love that keeps you home at night Chorus 1 : You don’t need money, don’t take fame Don’t need no credit card to ride this train It’s strong and it’s sudden and it’s cruel sometimes but it might just save your life That’s the power of love That’s the power of love First time you feel it, it might make you sad Next time you feel it it might make you mad But you’ll be glad baby when you’ve found that’s the power makes the world go’round Chorus 2 : And it don’t take money, don’t take fame don’t need no credit card to ride this train It’s strong and it’s sudden it can be cruel sometimes but it might just save your life They say that all in love is fair yeah, but you don’t care But you know what to do when it gets hold of you and with a little help from above you feel the power of love you feel the power of love Can you feel it ? Hmmm Chorus 3 : It don’t take money and it don’t take fame don’t need no credit card to ride this train Tougher than diamonds and stronger than steel you won’t feel nothin’ till you feel you feel the power, just FEEL the

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24 Responses to “A Lousy Ten Grand”

  1. Screw da princess

  2. Merry christmas everyone! and this is one of the greatest films ever but this is the GREATEST SONG EVER!

  3. look what happens to us all in the future do we all become assholes or somthin? (emmet brown) ….¬_¬…oh no no no you and everyone out turns out fine you all get six packs! (Muscels) (me)….O_o!!!! WWWHHAAATTT!……well better hurry up then to 2015! 😀 (hehe :D)

  4. So was I born in 88.

    Man people see some serious shit with me lol.

  5. seriously i think those things could happy but like i think saying it would happen in 2015 is a bit too early.

  6. i was born in 88 😀

  7. seriously where are the flying cars and hoverboards

  8. Penis

  9. Hifsshfgjh

  10. Pareil ! ( Same )

  11. yeah 3 more years and we all will have flying cars 😀

  12. i think we are a little bit past 88 likes

  13. i watched this film 12345678903245678 times and it had never been boring! <3

  14. We need to generate the 1.21 Giga watts of awesomeness from this song into our universe so that it would become just as cool as Back To The Future Universe.

  15. serious

  16. we’re almost in 2013 and flying machines do not yet exist. lol

  17. ScorchipProductions Reply December 27, 2012 at 7:52 pm

    “remember, when you hit 88 miles per hour…”
    “I’m gonna see some series shit?”
    “Noooo! You’ll be violating the speed limit!”

  18. *DROGA!* Onde estão meus skateboards voadores!?
    Fui *Trollado*!

  19. I always play this on my way to school.

  20. we still have 3 years before the first overboard and steal cars appear

  21. amo esa pelicula ES UNA DE MIS FAVORITAS

  22. Got tabs? I’d like to learn this one on guitar too.

  23. Just learnt this on guitar, it’s so good!!

  24. best film EVER. watched this the other day and all my childhood memories came flooding back!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome!!!!