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How to Become an IT Consultant

How to Become an IT Consultant 50 Minutes Synopsis: This class introduces you to that’s required to go out on your own as an IT Consultant. Starting your computer business is relatively easy. This class talks about: Tools You Need Where You Should Have Your Office Advertising Your Small Business Billing your Clients much more.. I started my consulting business during the IT recession after the .COM bust. After 1 month I was paying my bills, after 3 I was doing better then I had ever expected. Once you learn how easy it is to work for yourself it’s hard to ever imagine working for anyone else again! Class Notes: Introduction Becoming a consultant is surprisingly easy and if you have the right mindset for it you will be happier and make more money than if you are an employee. If you have the wrong mindset you’ll be bankrupt and miserable quick. What you need The Little Green Bag Don’t buy tools until you can use them to make money Sometime clients will buy you tools for a specific job (This is how I originally got my wire testing kit To start with all you need is a screw driver and a can of air Where to work Your basement is FINE!!! Too many people waste valuable money trying to look professional by getting office space. Small business clients will not have a problem with you working out of your house as long as you do good work. Advertising Put up a website and get your email address first! Pull tab signs work great You’re not ready to advertise on the web yet! Cheap is
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  2. Awesome video! Thanks for putting out quality content. It’s surprising how much crap there is out there.

  3. Great video! Good info on starting a small business… even if its not in the IT industry

  4. Dear Eli ; just a thought on the business end. Instead of showing those white placards announcing the next topic of the video , emulate Las Vegas Boxing by having fabulous babes walk around your set announcing the next topic ! Genius ? Madness ? perhaps a little of each. + Product Placement ????? jeff in toronto canada + molson breweries

  5. Thanks for all your videos …….i have learned a lot !!!

  6. Well, if you can’t type i guess there is a reason you don’t make any money…

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  10. Hairlikecottoncandyy Reply January 14, 2013 at 4:07 am

    cool !

  11. this it man is amazing…

  12. I have a business degree and I have made millions in the last 25 years of being an IT Consultant so yes! you can have a business degree and make it.

  13. Computer Science degrees don’t mean you know how to do this job. I’ve dealt with people with master degrees in Computer Science and they’re worthless. That type of schooling doesn’t tend to give you the mental tools necessary to do a typical IT consulting job. Specific vocational training like a “TCP/IP Networking” class and “A+ Computer Tech” or “N+ Networking Tech (don’t bother getting certs, all you need is the knowledge) give you a good basic knowledge.

  14. You are a nice, real guy.
    God bless you.

  15. You’re a beast man!

    But question: what is your educational background, and do you think this is something a business student with a minor in computer science could do some day?

  16. yup, no money in IT.

  17. excellent video - some great points covered

  18. fuck him am a it an u don’t make money

  19. when i want to learn i only watch your videos coz you are the best!!
    (complete,informative,and lt more ) 🙂

  20. Thank you! You make a lot of sense when you talk.

  21. Thank you for the great video Im just starting out and this is exactly the type of information Im looking for. Keep up the great work.

  22. i like u eli you have a fun way of explaining IT and im going for my associate in PC networking an admin. security u make it easy for some one new to learn IT and how to make money KUDOS

  23. AJayBodhisattva AJB Reply January 14, 2013 at 10:14 am

    my guru..u r the best teacher in the world

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