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How To Save Money: Top 10 Tips

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In this video, I show you how to save money by sharing my top 10 tips that will help you save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars every year without lowering the quality of your life (aka being a cheapskate). Here are the top 10 tips: 1. Get at least 1% cash back on all your purchases by using a rewards credit/debit card. 2. Pay off your credit cards in full every month to avoid paying interest. 3. Buy things in bulk, but only if it makes sense. 4. Buy as much of your stuff online as you can. Skip the markups and sales tax. 5. Buy gift cards/certificates below face value to places you intend on shopping at anyways. 6. Stop buying brand name products when the generic (cheaper version) offers the same quality. 7. Double check the “value” pricing or bundles. Sometimes they’re deceiving. 8. Lower your monthly dues, fees, memberships, subscriptions, etc. 9. Use coupons and ask for discounts your eligible for. 10. Cut back on caffeine and cigarettes (and other addictions). A few other tips are: 1. Stop buying things you don’t need! 2. Spend less than you make! Follow all of the money tips above and you should be on your way to increasing your net worth without having to actually make more money (a dollar saved is a dollar earned, right?).
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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49 Responses to “How To Save Money: Top 10 Tips”

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  6. thanks for the tips! please check out mine!

  7. All about Malt-O-Meal in terms of cereal. Better quality and it costs less.

  8. You could save money in the long run if you used a credit card to gain a good credit score and then say bought a house you would get a better interest rate and would not pay as much for the house. In the short term, yes; you’ll not save anything.

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  10. what the point of saving when banking thieves at the federal reserve are printing up money and giving bailouts & bonuses to their cronies.

    they are stealing from savers while doing no real work themselves for their pay.

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  14. My way of saving has been to rent out my $200k house that was way to big for me and my wife. That pays the mortgage and other costs for the prop plus makes us $50 extra per month. We took our savings and zero interest credit card checks and bought a smaller house for $17k. Yes it needs some work but its liveable and because its smaller the utilities are less, taxes are less etc. etc. Plus if the shtf the credit card companies cannot take our house for non payment like a mortgage company can.

  15. @sainglain while I agree with you that is the system we live in. Credit is built off of having and managing debt. If you don’t care about a credit score, don’t have debt. If you like having a good credit score revolving credit is a must have. Credit cards at or below 30% utilization, a car payment, a mortgage… all good for your credit.

  16. thats stupid being in debt

  17. same here. Cash is King.

  18. A lot of mixed views here. I think everyone needs to just figure out what their own weak points are and cut down on that area. But I know that’s easier said than done.

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  20. Some great tips. We help people save money by offering coupon deals so it’s great to see other little ways that can help save the pennies!

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  23. I give myself 2 weeks for impulse purchases.

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  25. conventions look like so much fun!

  26. i’m possibly going to AX 2013 and i hope i dont get lost haha it’ll be my first big con

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  32. @lolita23q95

    I’m from the uk and I like Japan for its anime, language and just all of the culture and most other English fans do. So that whole statement was wrong.

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  34. I’ve always wanted to go but mÿ mom said I’m too young and it’s imbressing

  35. Omg I saw Zabuza and his sword walking in on the elevator with the “wave of people
    i would hate to be next to him all squished xD

  36. @ lolita23q95
    Um, no that’s not even close to the truth. I’m American 13yr old and I like jpop, jrockers, anime, their fashion, cosplaying, the language, and their food and I know many others that feel the same way so

  37. America teen only like japan because of anime lol european teens like japans fashion and music :p

  38. Omfg Did I just see PedoBear!? O_O

  39. great ♥ Joyfay Delicate.com has the best cosplay costumes ♥

  40. eatingyourpancakes Reply December 28, 2012 at 8:33 am

    I’m going to A-Kon as Arietta the Wild from Tales of the Abyss! 😀

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    And creepy is not the word i was talking about.
    Isn’t gaijin typically used as a word meaning outsider or foreigner?
    Most of these people lived in the us their entire lives, and this con is in the us, so they are not foreign to the country they’re present in.
    Gaijin may sometimes just mean, non-japanese, but in that case, you still would have been clearer just saying American.

  45. creepy is not inslut for otaku. Mr. ignorant gaijin.

  46. a place where people use words out of context, and assume someone is insulted when they ask for clarification?

  47. a place where people use words out of context, and assume someone is insulted when they ask for clarification?

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