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I Did It For Sho [Anthony Hamiltion]

Album: “The Point of It All” Original Release Date: December 12, 2008 Label: So So Def Copyright: (P) 2008 RCA/JIVE Label Group, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment Lyrics: Why keep asking me Keep harassing me All those questions about who and what she means to me Im a lucky guy I found someone that I Can paint the town Run around Someone to talk with Such a lucky fit Baby she be it You wanna know if Ive fallen for her I tell you quickly Free up some energy Cause I dont want to let her go (Chorus) I did it for sho All the trips abroad (trips abroad) Maxd out credit cards (credit cards) Going down to Mr Chows (Mr Chows) I did it for sho Meant to let you see (let you see) You just cant sleep on me (sleep on me) Another on will come around (around) I feel we had our chance And its come to an end Now you wanna come around Naw girl go with your friends We used to love them streets But now I need my sleep So I can dream of things That you couldnt even see Shes got a vision So much she put me in it You wanna know if Ive fallen for her I tell you quickly Free up some energy Cause I dont want to do her wrong (Chorus) I did it for sho All the trips abroad (trips abroad) Maxd out credit cards (credit cards) Going down to Mr Chows (Mr Chows) I did it for sho Meant to let you see (let you see) You just cant sleep on me (sleep on me) Another on will come around (around) Ohhhhhhh Ohhhhhhh There comes a time When things have to change and People have to go their separate ways and You know

How to Use a Credit or Debit Card Machine

Here I present a simple instructional video on how to use a credit or debit machine…. you know, the ones at stores when you try to pay for them. I was inspired by a jpmetz video to make this. Here is a link for the original video in case she doesn’t allow me to post this as a response the hell. www.youtube.com Check out my other financial advice videos too! E-mail me at evmoneyTV@gmail.com Also follow me on twitter @evmoneytv
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “I Did It For Sho [Anthony Hamiltion]”

  1. Too many women throwin away their investment in a good man…yeah he just bought me a place cross town.

  2. Great song that’s all I can say

  3. sexxy

  4. Nice song

  5. Awwwwwhh… Luv dis song…! Waz Jammin & Dancing to diss all day…! 😉 !!!

  6. love this song.

  7. ma shyt ….i use ta bump this in Y.A on ma mp3 player

  8. I Did It For Sho . This Goes Too The Person Who Broke My Heart. Im Still Standing !

  9. im so glad i found this song…..i used to bump this song like back to back….now the repeats continue….the words are so darn real for those girls out there that sleep on a brotha..lol

  10. this reminds me of a girl that i meet on new years 2011 i miss that stupid bitch i just couldnt tell her i loved her 

  11. Good song

  12. Damn…when I think about this song, I think about my son’s father singing this shit to me…
    Funny thing is, I can sing this shit about him too! Great song A.H.!!

  13. i love i know i did it for sho

  14. ONE OF MY FAVS ON THIS CD!!!!!!!!!!

  15. dis is my shyt!!!!

  16. this is my song

  17. dis my song

  18. i kno datz rite

  19. delilahmontgomery512 Reply December 27, 2012 at 10:04 pm

    i understand his point but its the same for girls who get cheated on too so so now guys know guys know guys know how it feels but for both sexes its not cool

  20. this song is soooooooooo live….. i did it for sho


  22. I did it ” Fo’ Sho” ……..I Love Dis Song

  23. i luv diz song

  24. ikr..mite be a little too young, but i just love the melody..only lyric i dislike is the just cant sleep on me.

  25. love the song..melody and rhythm is awesum. only i dont like is the just cant sleep on me.

  26. Rolanda Mcacasakaka Reply December 28, 2012 at 12:32 am

    What is the song called that you played at the very end of the video?

  27. if you are serious… stationary is paper 🙂

  28. Someday I’ll muster up the confidence to use a debit. I’m too afraid now that I’ll mess up and everybody will point and laugh at me and I’ll cry and run home to poop on a turtle.

  29. i just got to the UK and just got a debit card. thank god… Ive never used plastic money. gonna go out and try it right now

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  31. I’ve this many times but i still don’t know whats stationary?

  32. I want that stress free music that you played in the middle…

  33. How 2 use one with an RFID sensor: 1: locate the machine 2: touch the card on the sensor surface until it beeps

  34. You’re funny!

  35. /watch?v=jnDcy3aDB0E
    try this one

  36. Great stuff you ahve there, it really helpful adn awesome presentation. Thanks

  37. This video is both informational and entertaining! Thanks man! 😀

  38. Thanks for that little stress-free interval there. Shit was getting stressful.

  39. Well i got it. How much do i need to pay now?

  40. is this one of ur first vids?

  41. In the UK we don’t have swipers we shove our cards in a slot and the machine gobbels it up! First time u do it you panic a bit and it’s like “Where did it take my card! Ahhh, i will never see it again” And when in some machines u put you’re card in it will slowly take it in then swallow it and a second later it will reject it and take it back in again. But there always fun! I have had a card for 3 years and still get excited when i use a ATM! Sometimes check balance just for fun! haha 🙂

  42. as an italian i approve of this comment….. no wonder they are playing anti-homophobia ads here.

  43. do you really need a pin number for debt?

  44. iLoveMusic100Percent Reply December 28, 2012 at 10:20 am

    I did it!!! Ev, it worked!

  45. SAME x_x

  46. Best artist ever

  47. Dude, that is very funny….. I love the humor and the drawings – yes!… sometimes some people need simple things spelt out for them. Keep up the good work, I love it!!!!!!! 🙂

  48. Can you make a video how to Subscribe cuz a lot of us don’t know how

  49. Wait do you need a pin for debit and credit or just debit or just credit!?!