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Life For Rent – Preview $100000 Prize Giveaway

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A story driven by the poetic landscape of Portsea Island. It is our opinion that you the viewer, should be allowed a glimpse into the peculiar reality that is a city, not, at the centre of the universe. Four lives are intertwined through a series of chance meetings. It is said that there are just 147381 stories within Portsea Island. This is just one. As part of the promotion for our feature we are giving away 0000 of entertainment prizes. Simply visit the website, to check out the film and competition. www.lifeforrent.info Happy viewing and the best of luck. Martial Archetype Ltd
Video Rating: 5 / 5

www.canterburyservices.com.au An Animated Guide to Investing and How to Pay Off Your Home Loan. It’s all about becoming rich. On the way to becoming financially strong the first necessary steps we take with you are 1. Getting rid of non tax-deductible debt ie home loans, credit cards, all personal (non investment) loans FOREVER. 2. Plan to decrease and possibly eliminate all the tax you pay. Then you can really start to fly financially. 3. Increase the “motor” that runs your “empire”. Most people’s financial motor is just their pay packet. If you can find ways to make most of your income from other passive sources you get stronger. It’s more difficult to get rich with only a small motor. The system involves the: 1. Use of tax deductible debt to own assets such as real estate, businesses and other long term income producing assets. 2. Its buy never sell (bns). If you ever choose to sell an asset, you then have to decide where to put the money – probably back where it came from ie real estate or other investments. If you sell you also run the risk of having to pay tax on the profit. So just keep it. 3. The best way not to ever miss a real estate or investment boom is to always own income producing growth assets. If you get out of the market for even short periods, you can miss large gains. 4. For investments, you should always borrow the full amount including fees to get the largest tax deduction. Never put in a deposit because any money is best paid off non-tax deductible