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NAB Honesty Shouldn’t Go Unrewarded

We’ve seen so many Australians demonstrating their honesty, we’d thought we’d say thanks in the biggest way possible. Watch what happened, and the lengths that we went to, to recognise and reward Australians for seemingly small acts of honesty. Find out how a NAB honest credit card rewards you at nab.co
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25 Responses to “NAB Honesty Shouldn’t Go Unrewarded”

  1. I missed the part when someone put a mic on these people…

  2. Why are people always so damned negative?


  4. halflifeproductionz Reply December 27, 2012 at 1:35 pm

    it’d be funny if it was real. wat a stupid ad!

  5. I dare NAB to try this with a brand new iPhone 5 in its original box with seal.

    And if this video’s comments needs to “be held for uploader approval”, what does this say about NAB’s honesty?

    I’ll wait to see if my comment appears.

  6. australians are honesty nab is not…..

  7. Cool

  8. Just noticed that I am in the background for half a second with my face blurred. That’s what you get for working at The Glen.

  9. Proudly brought to you by ‘The House of Rothschild’…..

  10. what colour is turquoise.. hahahha

  11. Lol spelt my name wrong

  12. that would be so creepy

  13. what do you expect, honesty? 🙂

  14. thanks

  15. should have been a phone or something. the result would have been different

  16. hahaha nice spot.

  17. Fake

  18. love it!

  19. fake, this video has been edited, they are not honest!

  20. Isn’t that “John” from My Kitchen Rule?? so maybe those ppl are all actors?

  21. i’m in that frame weeow 😛 I’m the guy on the left in the maroon 😀


  23. I would have recorded and taken pictures all the way lol