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Workaholics: Man Snacks

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Ders gives Adam and Blake his credit card to buy snacks while he looks into getting the car fixed. New Workaholics episodes are coming in January 2013! Subscribe to Comedy Central’s channel for more Workaholics by clicking this: www.youtube.com Visit the official Workaholics site – www.cc.com And the Workaholics tumblr: workaholics.tumblr.com Follow Blake on Twitter – www.twitter.com Follow Ders on Twitter – www.twitter.com Follow Adam on Twitter – www.twitter.com Follow Comedy Central on Twitter – www.twitter.com Like Workaholics on facebook – www.facebook.com Like Comedy Central on facebook – www.facebook.com Don’t forget to tell us what you thought in the comments, like the video and subscribe to our video for all of your Comedy Central favorites.

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24 Responses to “Workaholics: Man Snacks”

  1. so Frank Lapidus became homeless after escaping the island

  2. Nice silk the shocker reference

  3. The American Muscle is pretty deece but the Swedish Meatball is super tight butthole 

  4. lol i fucking love this show

  5. Holy Moly, she’s a thick bitch.

  6. That would never kill a raccoon….it took 20+ HARD hits with a baseball bat to kill mine.

  7. Holy moly she’s a thick bitch is the best part.

  8. noo poor hobo

  9. hahahaha “Yeah we’re gonna kill this dude”

  10. This is incredibly offensive, but incredibly hilarious!! Pow wow music makes me lmfao everytime.

  11. you killed my raccoon

  12. 1:59 Holy Moley! She’s a thick bitch!

  13. THis is so funny ! My eyes are tearing so much

  14. I still think that homeless dude was just waiting for them to kill that raccoon

  15. i fucking lost it when he kicked it

  16. hey casey i gotchya some corn nuts

  17. You killed my Raccoon…

  18. holy moly she’s a thick bitch

  19. Hmmmmm 2 or 3 or 4, I think it was like 100 bucks, i don’t know.

  20. 1:56 LOOOL

  21. The car was in nam! NAM!>!<

  22. What’s written on the windshield of Ders’ car?

  23. Holy Moly she’s a THICK BITCH!! HAHAHA

  24. That car fought in Vietnam