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Accident Attorney Cape Coral

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Accident Attorney Cape Coral

Accident Attorney Cape Coral – Martin Law Firm | martinlawfirm.com Tel (239) 443-1094 Are you looking for the premier accident attorney Cape Coral has to offer? At the Martin Law Firm, PL, we handle all types of auto accident and personal injury claims. We can help you with the following: – Car accident – Truck accident – Motorcycle accident – Drunk driving accident – Bus accident – Wrongful death For more information on Florida auto accident and personal injury laws, or to speak with an attorney about your potential claim, please contact us at 239-443-1094. With offices conveniently located in Fort Myers, North Fort Myers, Cape Coral and Naples, we are here to review and consider Southwest Florida auto accidents and other injury or death claims. Tags: Accident Attorney Cape Coral, Cape Coral Accident Attornies, Attorney Cape Coral Martin Law Firm | martinlawfirm.com | Tel (239) 443-1094 www.youtube.com
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From opposing the auto recovery plan and laying off workers during his time at Bain to gutting education to pay for tax cuts to the rich, the ad runs through the many reasons that if Mitt Romney wins, the middle class will lose. Learn more, please visit Romnopoly.org Supporting Facts for “Romnopoly”: Romney Wanted To “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt” And Said The Demise Of The Auto Industry Would Be “Virtually Guaranteed” By A Government Bailout. According to Romney, “If General Motors, Ford and Chrysler get the bailout that their chief executives asked for yesterday, you can kiss the American automotive industry goodbye. It won’t go overnight, but its demise will be virtually guaranteed. Without that bailout, Detroit will need to drastically restructure itself. With it, the automakers will stay the course — the suicidal course of declining market shares, insurmountable labor and retiree burdens, technology atrophy, product inferiority and never-ending job losses. Detroit needs a turnaround, not a check.” [Romney Op-Ed, New York Times, 11/19/08] Bain Owned GS Industries Filed For Bankruptcy And 750 People Lost Their Jobs. “Bain acquired GS Industries in 1993. The steelmaker borrowed heavily to modernize plants in Kansas City and North Carolina, as well as pay dividends to Bain investors. But as foreign competition increased and steel prices fell in the late 1990s, the company struggled to support the debt, according to Mark Essig, the former CEO. GS filed for bankruptcy in 2001
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  2. PriscillaNSimpson Reply January 3, 2013 at 1:33 pm

    Dont give up, this is right here is quality.


  4. bin durch zufall hiergelandet, echt hammer beats hast du

  5. I hope you make more of these videos! I cant wait for the next one!

  6. InterHackerCrasher Reply January 3, 2013 at 3:12 pm

    One of the greates videos ive ever seen!

  7. very nice video!

  8. It should be first in the rankings

  9. thanks so much this helped? a lot

  10. i love it :D?

  11. pretty interesting.

  12. Bell video,complimenti!

  13. Now I understand … Thanks keep it up!

  14. “sentence” - you’re welcome.

  15. one way or another lol.

  16. Aww. Sorry to be a butthead, I don’t wanna be a sore winner. It’ll be okay, we’ll all go on together.

  17. hahahahahahaahaahahohohohohohohaha… IRS KNOWS WHERE YOU LIVE….By March the first quarter of 2013 you make your first payment, billionaires and millionaires… hahahahaha

  18. Romnopoly is what would have happened to us if Romney had won the swing states and the elections so thank goodness it didn’t happen otherwise we would have been screwed and no more middle class just poor and rich no middle!!

  19. calahandoombringer Reply January 3, 2013 at 9:17 pm

    I’ll take that as a “Your right, but since im not going to agree i made a mistake I’m going to continue to talk shit”

  20. you are so dense…it is beyond me.

  21. yep, sure was.

  22. Then the whole thing about 70% of your cars made outside the US is a lie by GMs CEO he says so in that video even when presented with video evidence you don’t believe me.

    That does not make any sense at all that they’re expanding american jobs because they already make most of their cars outside it for much cheaper it doesn’t make any business sense. In that video the CEO of GM basically says that they want to work with China more than the U.S and that they want to ship their jobs there.

  23. You are so fucking stupid. The Jobs thing is a lie. YES we are expanding factories in China but we are NOT shipping jobs over seas as we are also expanding factories in the U.S to give more jobs to Americans. God you’re stupid.

  24. calahandoombringer Reply January 4, 2013 at 12:22 am

    Go back to your sentance and find the word “Worthless leeches”, you need to use that word before you can even refer to them as “They”. You hadn’t even mentioned that word until your last comment. The english language is your kryptonite.

  25. I guess Gallup was WAY wrong, cuz we all sent Mittens back to Utah to cry in his magic undies. Awesome!

  26. WRONG, haha

  27. I was referring to the worthless leeches with “they”…idiot. maybe you could use some of that inspired deductive reasoning you have to figure that one out. either way, romney lost, america is screwed. communism for everyone. sooner or later we’re all gonna be worthless leeches whether we like it or not.

  28. calahandoombringer Reply January 4, 2013 at 1:51 am

    Your an idiot. You never mentioned anywhere in your sentances refering to “Abusing the system”. You kept refering to “They”, and by “They” you meant anyone needing the programs rather then declaring “They” as people who abuse the system. So my question is, do you even understand how the english language works?

  29. maybe you should read over what I said a few more times by the way, you seem to have misinterpreted what I said…I never said anything about americans wanting handouts…I essentially said there are people who will abuse the system and will only remain on handouts without trying to become financially self sustainable…I don’t know what logic you used to deduce that from what I said, but I would suggest you jettison any future logic of that sort….you look ignorant.

  30. Im not talking about people who need handouts to get on their feet, that is legitimate. im talking about the scum of the earth who abuse the system and literally live off of assistance until the day that they die, with not an ounce of motivation to enjoy the pride that comes in the ability to support yourself. and what makes you think I know nothing of tight financial circumstances? I’m starting my own business. I know all about tight financial circumstances….

  31. calahandoombringer Reply January 4, 2013 at 2:48 am

    well way to go think that people who need help don’t do anything to get themselves money. Im assuming you’ve never had financial trouble before. My parents had to use financial aid, my friends families have had to use financial aid, all of whom stopped using it as soon as they got jobs. Your common, americans want hand outs attitude, is a invalid arguement.

  32. government can help them all their lives long, but if they don’t have motivation for themselves to make something of themselves, they will never become anything useful to society. they will continue to use the victim card and leech and contribute nothing and as a result amount to nothing… nothing but a financial burden. it is a lost cause, and a total waste of my tax payer dollars.

  33. unfortunately there will always be poor people. people who feel they are victims of society. little white kids that probably had it all as children now on the streets…they do need help getting on their feet, I agree, but the governement does not hold an obligation to fund their lifestyle of poverty, they have an obligation to help them better themselves for the betterment of all society. everyone has something to offer. it is a real shame so many people only take without trying to give back.

  34. you speak as though these people are totally helpless, and have no gifts, no potential to become anything. that is not an american ideal. that is a communist ideal, and that is exactly what obama has put into place. numbers prove it, however I know obama bangers dont care to look at facts. fact of the matter is where you start doesnt determine where you finish. I personally know people who are ethnic minorities that came from poverty who became drs, lawyers, entrepreneurs, etc…

  35. “people like you” what, a conservative capitalist who believes in fundamental American values? no. I believe in people. I believe no one is a victim. I believe in America everyone has the chance to make what they want of themselves. everyone has gifts and potential that they can become great with, literally everyone. sometimes people need help, that is understood. however, there are people literally living off the government making no effort to become anything but leeches.

  36. I cant think of any reason other than that as to why dems keep supporting policy that ruins the economy.

  37. You’re so RushSlimeball/GlennBeckkk/FoxNoise brainwashed you actually believe that nonsense. There is NOTHING fact-based about it. Oh, right, you people don’t understand what a fact is. I hope you get cancer and your doctor believes in similar fairy tales about medicine. See how you like your fact-free world then.