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Bright Accessories & Jewelry For Summer! Trends & Fashion Ideas Diamondsandheels14 Cassandra Bankson

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Summer Clothing Haul! Cute Styles For The Season 🙂 www.youtube.com Accessory Haul! Shoes, Purses, Belts, Jewelry! www.youtube.com Jewelmint Sugar Plum FLUFF STUFF Earrings!!!!: t.jewelmint.com (I bought mine at full price, but the July/August discount code is JMYT20) Turquoise Drop Earrings: www.youtube.com Paradise Flower Bracelet: shop.nordstrom.com Fishy Needs A Name Necklace! www.endless.com Paradise Orange Sea Shell Stud Earrings: www.endless.com Wing Ring: www.rachelroy.com Twitter www.twitter.com Diamondsandheels14 Facebook! www.facebook.com Cassandra Bankson Facebook! www.facebook.com Tumblr diamondsandheels14.tumblr.com Pintrest pinterest.com BLOG diamondsandheels14.blogspot.com Chictopia www.chictopia.com Google Plus plus.google.com Instagram: Diamondsandheels14 web.stagram.com Subscribe – Personal Channel! www.youtube.com TAGS! bright accessories accessory jewelry for summer trends fashion ideas runway diamondsandheels14 cassandra bankson cute adorable juicy couture new york meetup sf la ny nyc paradise collection seahorse parrot bangle elephant zebra seashell earrings bracelet necklace fish fish ring shell orange green juicy rachel roy wing ring finger betsey johnson bankruptcy sale jewelry tv reality show video watch trailer sailor nautical shell ring necklace blue essie shopping shop look sale gold cute outfit ideas

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23 Responses to “Bright Accessories & Jewelry For Summer! Trends & Fashion Ideas Diamondsandheels14 Cassandra Bankson”

  1. Name the fish necklace Cutie!

  2. Its awesome i liked it..!! i found very different & useful video from strut120.. here i’m sharing with u & must watch. search for “10 Accessories #LustList”

  3. ah! love your stuff! you should check out my fashion website theonedozen(dot)com! 🙂 hope you like it!!!

  4. i’m just saying my opinion on that, no big deal geez, and btw this is a comment to the girl in the video, not to you nor the whole world lol

  5. dont have to tell the whole world tht

  6. Loooooove your hair!! =D

  7. can you do this sorta video for fall??

  8. were do u get your betsey jhonson things is their a websie!?!? someone please respond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Name him Binky!

  10. Name it *Squishy*;)

  11. call it Bob :3

  12. what’s your profession? 🙂
    btw, i love your videos and you have a really amiable and bubbly personality! 🙂 <3

  13. Can you do a tutorial of how to do your hair like this? It looks stunning!

  14. I love your hair

  15. betsey johnson is going out of buisness!!! what????

  16. DiamondsAndHeels14 Reply December 27, 2012 at 8:57 pm

    ? No, not at all! I purchased these all with my own money, and wanted to share them with you. I got no discounts, and weather or not you get them, regardless of what webstire it is I don’t get paid. You should know what these videos are about- To help YOU guys!!

  17. I LOVE for The Fact That You Say Fishydo

  18. Or an associate? I forget what it is called. But I would love to know because I want to eventually set up my site and I noticed that you have a link code?

  19. So do you join all these sites as a partner in order to get your discounts and paid from them?

  20. ChloeRainbow UnicornTanner Reply December 27, 2012 at 10:13 pm


  21. Your hair looks darker! 😮
    But you look pretty(:

  22. nemo might work for the little cute fish 😛

  23. i like your jewelry very much! 🙂