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Thoughts For The Weekend – 11/16/12

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Thoughts for the Weekend 11/16/12 SultanOfShinola© 2012 All Rights Reserved — Reuse with permission only. The Stories: (0:30) Unemployment Insurance Claims Soar: Shocker! www.dol.gov www.zerohedge.com (2:05) To Secede or Not to Secede, THAT Is The Question. www.weeklystandard.com blog.chron.com www.infowars.com (4:00) SKYPE Turns Over User Data Without Warrants! rt.com (5:30) Twinkie Pinched and Ding Dong Punched www.myfoxdfw.com www.nbcdfw.com (10:20) Denny’s to Charge ACA Surcharge of 5% www.dailymail.co.uk (??:??) Wal-Mart Employees to go on Strike? (Left this out for some reason…) www.clickorlando.com (13:20) Video Of The Week — Ron Paul Farewell www.washingtonpost.com Follow Me: twitter.com Prepping Websites www.copingwiththetimes.com http www.minbound.net www.prepperlinks.net

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25 Responses to “Thoughts For The Weekend – 11/16/12”

  1. Psst…..Hostess To Pay $1.75 Million In Executive Bonuses After Blaming Unions For Bankruptcy

    It’s a scam Bro….Somebody is yanking your chain!

  2. Im glad you took a break man, your videos are so much better now IMO. glad to see you back, refreshed and more bent than ever ! Keep up the greatness SOS

  3. Well, I know the movement will continue, but I believe he deserves a well earned rest from the work he’s done.

  4. Thanks! Actually, doing these vids is quite cathartic, and I feel much better once I have the video uploaded. No depression here I’m afraid, not in my make up 🙂

  5. As to the debt, that’s what 95% of businesses do to grow their companies. And since 2008, debt has never been cheaper thanks to the Fed’s monetary easing policies. And to your point of them “selling toxic products”, you are spot on. As people have become more health conscious, it’s no surprise that companies like Hostess were doing poorly. If they don’t find ways to cut costs, they will find themselves out of a job before long.

  6. Ron Paul! He’s not going anywhere. He’ll be around, we can count on it.

  7. Thanks for doing the updates again, they are greatly appreciated! I can see how you can get very frustrated with the main stream media. No wonder you do these on Fridays, you have the whole weekend to get more of a positive outlook with your family. You must be very depressed when you finish these. Thanks again SOS!

  8. “Private equity backers loaded the company with debt, making it difficult to invest in new equipment. Earlier this year, Hostess had more than $860 million of debt.” New York Times. Also the company was selling “toxic” products not competitive in today’s more health conscious society.

  9. I used to be in a labor union (91-97) and I’ve never felt more in control of my earnings than now that I’m not beholden to the whims of group-think. Personal responsibility and hard work has done more for me and my family than anything. I don’t begrudge the workers that are in the union, but I’ve seen my share of greedy, self-righteous union bosses to sourer me for life. Anyone who says they are looking out for you while taking a piece of your earnings is lying to you.

  10. Yeah, they no longer wanted those evil profits!

  11. So you go right to blaming the hedge funds. Hostess went bankrupt in 2009 and it was two hedge fund companies that injected millions to try and save the company then. And the CEO’s salary? Seriously, you think if you took every penny the CEO made it would what, add 3 cents to each workers pay? Be smarter than that. One third of the workforce causes the other two-thirds to lose their jobs and their own. You need to work harder now to keep them all in UI benefits. Good job.

  12. LollysUpToSomething Reply December 27, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    politicians are expert at the sleight of hand….

  13. Yes, I’m sure the owners wanted to go out of business. Those darn business owners!!!

  14. Your analysis leaves a lot to be desired. The Washington Post said: “Maybe the gap in trust between management and the union had simply grown too wide.” They went on to say that the last CEO got a big salary increase. You are placing all the blame on the workers and said nothing about the hedge funds that are involved in this.

  15. really like the videos… keep up the good work

  16. Are you kidding? Generation Clueless won’t figure it out until they are in the camps.

  17. I love the thumbnail for this video (head in hand). I had to check in on to make sure your ok. (ha ha) You make some good points SOS. I’m in a union and although they have done some good, we will be back at the table soon for our next contract and the union wants more money. I think that is wrong. In this economy I can’t see the company being about to afford us. That lady is awesome, great story. I enjoy stopping by. Be well.

  18. Things seem to be going crazy.. I hope they all find a way of sorting themselves out…. And thats wishfull thinking.. Have a good weekend..

  19. AMEN…Just what I have been thinking about this week. Maybe we are both Crazy????

  20. Modoc, how right you are. Call it greed, or whatever, but there’s someone that wants something that the other guy has. The customer wants more of a product at a cheaper cost, the worker wants more money and benefits, and the business owner wants to earn more profit to grow the business, send his kids to college, or buy a vacation home. EVERYONE is greedy for something and I believe it’s unfair to demonize “greed”.

  21. Just an observation, but it seems those certain folks that scream the loudest against corporate and Wall St. greed, are themselves, the most selfish and greedy among us. I guess that’s why they scream so loud; they want their piece of the pie and everybody else s, too? Another great show, buddy. Have a great weekend. 🙂

  22. Welcome Brother!

  23. dang unions suck, unions need to be gotton rid of. All they do is hurt the work force.

  24. good for you. I can tell by your mannerisms.. I am to.

  25. Yep